EU Supported Project


In the framework of the project Armenian Mental Health Foundation received infrastructure development support. Also, the Newsletter of Mental Health Foundation has been published since February 2000. It is distributed all across Armenia. The Mental Health Foundation will work on the development of the network of non-governmental organizations in order to unite the efforts of different groups in reforming the system of mental health in Armenia.
In the project there were foreseen study visits to UK. In June 2000 five people representing two organizations visited Edinburgh, UK with a study visit. During the visits opportunity was provided to get acquainted with the wide range of mental health services and organizations. Day center, employment projects, counseling service, Royal Edinburgh hospital, residential projects, out-patient and in-patient units - this is an incomplete list of visited services. Besides, members of Mental Health Foundation visit to the Scottish Executive office - Scottish Government and met with Dr. John Loudon at National Health Service Management Executive, who is an advisor to the First Minister (Scottish Prime Minister). Meetings in Glasgow with Shona Barcus and her colleagues from Scottish Association for Mental Health and visits to the projects of this organization were very useful. The model of this organization - advocacy and provision of services - is very successful. At the National Schizophrenia Fellowship - organization of family members of persons with mental health problems - were discussed the role of families and relatives in the rehabilitation process. Useful meetings were also held at Scottish Council for Voluntary Organizations, Social Work Services Inspectorate, Mental Welfare Commission, Scottish Health Advisory Service.
And of course we visited Penumbra, Scottish charity organization with which Mental Health Foundation has had contacts since 1996. In 2001 another group will visit Edinburgh.