Day Center

In 2000 two Armenian non-governmental organizations - Mental Health Foundation and Khnamk - started the implementation of two interconnected community-based services. Mental Health Foundation started organized the Day Centre for people with mental health problems and Khnamk started the Supported Accommodation project, with creation of group house in the community. These projects were implemented in the framework of Mental Disability Advocacy Programme of OSI-NY. This programme supports initiatives through out the region, aiming to promote the integration of people with mental disability into society. Day Center and Supported Accommodation are two innovative types of services for our country. These two services could become a model example of community services, which could replace archaic psychiatric hospitals.
Day center gives a unique opportunity to users of mental health services, who lives in their families to be involved in wide rehabilitation program offered by the Center. It includes psychological support and therapy, including group and individual sessions, social work, art therapy, wide social program, etc. More than twenty people are currently involved in that program.
Hopefully the results of both projects could show that the community-based services fits into our cultural background and societal structure.